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Premium Dog Brush

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Help Your Dog Look Good & Feel Great!

If you have struggled to find the perfect brush or comb for your pet, your in the right place. This multi-functional product was complexly designed to fulfill the needs of every dog owner. The main concepts we used to design this brush were: how to make this perfectly comfortable for the dog, easy to use for the owner, and also a highly effective dog grooming product. Check out more benefits below!

Key Benefits

  • No More Mats & No More Shedding - The Premium PetSwag Dog Brush is highly effective in gently removing mats in the dogs fur and catching all loose hairs that would end up on your carpet or couch if not for our brush.
  • No Pain When Grooming - Our brush uses fine bristles that are able to penetrate deep into the coat while never scratching or cutting the skin.
  • Super Easy One-Click-Clean - When your done grooming you simply click the button on the back, which causes the brush to push all hair out of the bristles. Making this the easiest brush in the world to clean.
  • Extremely Comfortable Grip - For any dog owner that brushes their dog often they understand how sore your hands can get when your done. This brush was designed with an ergonomic & soft rubber handle. This prevents pain or soreness in your hands or joints after grooming your dog.
  • Perfect For All Dog Sizes - You can use this for all sizes and breeds of any dogs or even cats.



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