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Elastic Safety Dog Leash

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Stop choking your dog! Most leashes are normal fixed material that can be good for some situations. But for dogs that pull, you need an elastic leash. This helps to stop choking your dog and prevents your dog from pulling.

Does The Leash Still Restrain My Dog For Safety?

Yes, Of Course! The elastic design of the leash allows for a more gradual force pulling back on the dog. The leash still restrains the dog like other leash for obvious safety reasons, its great for shock-absorption and restrain.

Key Benefits

  • Stops All Choking¬†-¬†Never worry about your dog choking themselves¬†every time they pull on a normal leash. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your dog will be safe.
  • Reduces Stress On Your Joints¬†-¬†This leash will safe your joints, by preventing that jerking motion forward every time your dog pulls on the leash.¬†¬†
  • Foam Ergonomic Grip -¬†Adding to that point, its perfect for people with dogs who pull, or anyone with sensitive hands.
  • Highly Reflective Strips -¬†For ultimate safety when walking at night time.
  • Strong Alloy Metal Clip -¬†Incredibly strong metal clip to never have any type of disaster when walking your dog.
  • Super Light Weight & Durable - The lightweight material makes certain that your dog wont be bothered by the leash. The stretchy like material also makes it very difficult to tear or break.



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